About Us


The mission of the Benicia Tree Foundation is to strengthen community by promoting and supporting tree planting, maintenance, and education.


The Vision of Benicia Tree Foundation is to offer an innovative, integrated, and engaging range of programs throughout the year focused on building community and a vibrant urban forest. Health and sustainability will be promoted through tree planting and preservation, and environmental education programs that result in significant and measurable improvements in Benicia’s urban forest and reduction of Benicia’s CO2 footprint.  


We envision that all individuals with an interest in our mission and vision for Benicia will have the opportunity to participate in this organization and our activities, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, income, or property owner status.

What Does the Benicia Tree Foundation Do?

The Benicia Tree Foundation is an all-volunteer organization working to provide the community resources to help improve and manage trees on public and private land in our city. The Benicia Tree Foundation will fill the gaps in public information and seek resources to fulfill our mission.

We are in alignment with a national movement to identify best practices (BMPs) for planting and maintaining urban trees, and promote the idea of "Right Tree, Right Place." Nationally, research shows that trees are are a good investment for property owners and for municipalities. "The planting and care of community trees represents wise investments in what is perhaps the only part of a city’s infrastructure that actually increases in value and contribution over time." (Arbor Day Foundation)

The core of our *strategy is to build upon the efforts of everyday people who want to do extraordinary things. We call these people "Benicia Tree-Keepers" and have created a program to support tree-planting and community building efforts. Please join with your neighbors and community members in this history making effort! Youth in Benicia have a special role and focus for our work.

Please consider involving your whole family!