Joe Henderson School

Urban Forest at Joe Henderson
Elementary School

In 2012, Benicia Tree Foundation partnered with faculty, students and parents at Joe Henderson School and planted 80 trees at the campus. Since then, dozens of volunteers have faithfully tended these trees, hand watering and pruning... and we're thrilled to say that they have passed their establishment phase! These trees are off and running...and destined to provide lots of shade, clean the air and make the campus a better place for the students!



In December 1, 2018, Joe Henderson Elementary was the site of a Fall Arbor Day celebration sponsored by the Benicia Tree Foundation and  Benicia Unified, with funding assitance from California Releaf, PG& E, and the U.S. Forest Service.  Eight California live oak tree saplings (Quercus agrifolia) were donated by the Willis Linn Jepson Chapter of the California Native Plant Society.  Students (and their families) from Ms. Schlosser's kindergarten class planted these saplings along a trail adjacent to the school. Our volunteers were greated by a rainstorm at 9AM, but they were prepared for the weather and finished with the planting within an hour. 

Students and families from Ms. Schlosser's kindergarten class

Volunteers for Fall Arbor Day at Joe Henderson Elementary School

Volunteers at Fall  Arbor Day, Joe Henderson Elementary

Volunteers digging the hole for the tree saplings.

Volunteers at Fall Arbor Day, Joe Henderson Elementary

Tree planted!


In the spring of 2019, the Benicia Tree Foundation received a grant from California Releaf that funded the purchase of equipment to prune trees.  Two tree pruning clinics were held at Joe Henderson Elementary School.  For details on the outcome of these pruning clinics, click here.  Later that same year, a Second Saturday Tree Care Day occurred on November 9.  24 volunteers showed up at Joe Henderson to mulch 85 trees planted by students in 2012 and 2018, preparing them for winter rains.  For details on this Tree Care Day, click here.