Joe Henderson School

Urban Forest at Joe Henderson
Elementary School

In 2012, Benicia Tree Foundation partnered with faculty, students and parents at Joe Henderson School and planted 80 trees at the campus. Since then, dozens of volunteers have faithfully tended these trees, hand watering and pruning... and we're thrilled to say that they have passed their establishment phase! These trees are off and running...and destined to provide lots of shade, clean the air and make the campus a better place for the students!

We Can Help You Plant Trees On Your Property!

Adding trees to your property can bring many benefits. Benicia Tree Foundation provides resources for homeowners who want to plant trees. We can help you determine placement and species, arrange for discounted pricing on trees, help you with installation and give guidance on maintenance.

Did you know that trees

Robert Semple Elementary

Robert Semple Elementary School

January, 2013 Over two Saturdays volunteers planted 80 new trees around the playing field at Robert Semple Elementary School. We planted Coast Redwoods, Coast Live Oak, Incense Cedar, Canary Island Pine, Crepe Myrtle, Gingko Biloba and Chinese Pistache trees. Several first grade classes helped with the plantings as did teachers, parents, students, the Benicia Youth Commission, Girl Scouts and other community members.

Benicia National Guard Armory

34 Trees Planted at
Benicia National Guard Armory

December 7, 2013 Dozens of volunteers turned out to help Benicia Tree Foundation and local Boy Scouts in transforming the Benicia Armory grounds on Saturday, December 7th. Working alongside the soldiers of the 749th CSSB, volunteers helped to plant trees and native plants. With nearly 100 people working, the project was completed by mid-afternoon.

Matthew Turner Elementary School

Matthew Turner Elementary School

December, 2018  Students, parents and neighbors showed up at Matthew Turner's Fall Arbor Day event  on December 1st to plant 13 trees and the entrance to the school.  These trees help offset the trees removed for the school's solar panel project last year.

Benicia Middle School

32 New Trees at
Benicia Middle School

March, 2014 Students, parents, faculty and community members joined forces to plant 32 new trees at Benicia Middle School. Trees planted include Coast Live Oak, Canary Island Pine, Chinese Pistache, Red Maple and Incense Cedar. This event saw a record turnout of more than 100 volunteers over the course of the day!


Liberty High School

12 New Trees at Liberty High

March, 2014 Students from Liberty High and Benicia Community Day School planted Chinese Pistache and Coast Live Oak trees at the former Mills Playground site during California's Arbor Week. The trees will provide shade to the area as well as reducing greenhouse gases through carbon sequestration.


Benicia Veteran's Hall

New Trees to Reduce Cooling Costs and Water Use

Urban Forestry Organizations in the Bay Area and Beyond

The Benicia Tree Foundation is proud to be a part of a growing community of tree organizations in the Bay Area.

Benicia Tree Foundation

The Mission of the Benicia Tree Foundation is to strengthen community by promoting and supporting tree planting, maintenance, and education.


Canopy protects and grows the urban forest in Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, and neighboring communities.

California Urban Forests Council

Interview of Ed Brennan, Consulting Arborist and resident of Benicia

Ed Brennan

Ed Brennan leading a Bicycle Tree Tour in Benicia.

Interview by Wolfram Alderson, Executive Director with the Bencia Tree Foundation.

My name is Ed Brennan, I’m 61 years old and live in Benicia, CA.

What drew you to Benicia?

Benicia has a combination of a smalll town village feel and being a walkable city near the water. This appealed to us.