Photo and Art Release Form

Please use this form for all photographs, artwork, or other reproducable material to be released to Benicia Tree Foundation (BTF).  Permission from a parent/guardian is required if the individual is under 18 years of age. A print version of this form is available for download on the bottom of this page.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

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Tree Care Days or Tree Planting Days (9am to Noon)*


Benicia’s history is rich with examples of how the founders of the community made decisions with great foresight that would impact the long term appeal of Benicia as a place where people want to live and enjoy a beautiful climate. The native hillsides that were once dry and sparsely planted with shrubs have been transformed into inviting neighborhoods and streets lined with trees from around the world. These diverse trees have been planted in and around the buildings where we live and work, making our community cooler, cleaner, and more comfortable.