Trees in the News

Bill Introduced in Congress to Support Residential Tree Planting

April 15, 2020

The Residential Energy and Economic Savings (TREES) Act will help homeowners plant more trees and save energy.

Click here to read a press release from Representative Doris Matsui, author of the TREES Act.

Witness Trees Tell A Story

March 25, 2020

Witness Trees tell how ecosystems in Silicon Valley have changed.

As the land was divvied up, surveyors documented the trees that rested at the imaginary corners and angles of the parcels to mark their boundaries. They were called “witness trees” – an expression also used today for trees that were present at key events in American history like Civil War battles.

Benicia Recognized as a Tree City USA for the 11th Year

February 19, 2020

from the Benicia Herald, February 20, 2020 edition.

Busting Myths About Growing Trees

January 22, 2020

from the Journal of the National Association of County Agricultural Agents.

The authors of this article are state Cooperative Extension educators and researchers with many years of experience in translating science for use by home gardeners and landscape professionals.  Their goal with this article is to assist other Extension educators by providing reliable information for them to share with the gardening and landscaping public.

A Situation: A Tree in Palestine

January 9, 2020

by Liat Berdugo, Places Journal: a website featuring public scholarship on architecture, landscape and urbanism.

 This story describes the forestry projects of one organization in Israel, Keren Dayemeth Le'Yisrael - Jewish National Fund.  READ MORE

Tree Pruning Tips

January 5, 2020

Quick Tips for Pruning Your Tree this Winter - Under the Solano Sun, by UC Master Gardeners of Solano County

Ginkgo biloba - The Survivor

November 9, 2019

Ginkgo, the Survivor - Under the Solano Sun, by UC Master Gardeners of Solano County

Tips on California Oak Trees

November 2, 2019

Oak Tree Beauties - Under the Solano Sun, by UC Master Gardeners of Solano County

Schinus Molle - Appropriate for Benicia?

November 2, 2019

Schinus molle - Under the Solano Sun, by UC Master Gardeners of Solano County

Planting Trees Can Pause Climate Change

July 4, 2019

Researchers Map Out Available Land for Trees Worldwide by Australian Broadcasting Corporation - ABC Science

Researchers from the Institute of Integrative Biology in Zurich recently identified .9 billion hectares (2.23 billion acres) of land that is available to be reforested.  This would buy us a 20 year pause in global warming by storing about 205 gigatonnes of carbon.  READ MORE