Trees in the News

Managing Trees in a Drought

July 1, 2021

A local arborist provides advice on how to water a mature tree during a drought.

With drought declared for the western U.S., Traverso Tree Service in Martinez developed some suggestions to consider if you have a large tree in your yard.  This advice is particularly important if you have a lawn tree and you decide to stop watering that lawn.  Click here to read more.

Disease Outbreak Killing Bay Area Trees

June 11, 2021

A mass tree die back has spread into the East Bay and Peninsula recently, killing native and non-native trees.

Though plants of all kinds in California are showing the stress of an extremely dry winter, in at least one tree species, the blackwood acacia, the dieback seems to be the work of fungal pathogens, said UC Berkeley forest pathologist Matteo Garbelotto.  This was reported in Bay Nature magazine.  Click here to read more.

Is Mistletoe Harmful to My Tree?

May 11, 2021

A local arborist provides advice on what to do if you find mistletoe growing in your tree.

Traverso Tree Service in Martinez developed a pamphlet on things to consider when you observe mistletoe growing in your tree.  Once mistletoe infests your tree, you can't eradicate it, but you can control it.  Trees with extensive infestations of misletoe become become weak and eventually die.  Click here to read more.

Miami Beach Replacing Palms with Shade Trees

March 3, 2021

City to plant shadier trees to preserve its environment, keep people cool, reduce urban warming and improve air quality.

The Guardian reports that Miami Beach has become a world leader in mitigating the effects of sea-level rise. Now the subtropical Florida city is cutting back on its famous swaying palm trees as it seeks shadier alternatives to preserve its environment and try to keep residents and visitors cool.  Click here to read more.

Tree Pruning and Bird Safety

February 24, 2021

Many Birds Nest between March 1 and August 31.

Knock on Wood

November 28, 2020

What does this expression mean and where did it originate?

David Bellamy, Solano County Master Gardener, researched this question and published his story in Under the Solano Sun, the weekly blog of seasonal observations by our local Master Gardeners.  Click here to read the story.

Google Launches New Tool to Keep Cities Cool

November 18, 2020

Google's Tree Canopy Lab identifies the location of every tree in a city and maps out where trees are needed most.

U.S. Joins Trillion Trees Initiative

October 14, 2020

President forms Unitied States One Trillion Trees Interagency Council.

Restoring California's Trees in the Age of Fire

October 15, 2020

How scientists are making sure increasingly powerful fires do not wipe out forests forever.

The Magic of Urban Trees

August 16, 2020

Cities that Encourage Tree Planting Accrue a Many Benefits for their Residents.

Click here to read a article by Doug Kelbaugh, Dean Emeritus of Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan.  He writes about the many ways cities can improve the quality of life for their residents by planting more trees.  This article appeared in the journal Public Square, published by the Congress of New Urbanism