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All kinds of Scouts are planting and maintaining trees in Benicia. The tree projects are starting to pile up, so here is a page dedicated to all the great Scouts who are making a big difference in their community. Scouts have a long history of service to our community...whether Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, or Boy Scouts...these young leaders are all about service and making their world a better place...and we greatly appreciate their focus on planting and maintaining trees.

For many of these young leaders, the opportunities provided by the Benicia Tree Foundation are their first tree planting experience. We make sure every tree planting is a learning experience, and, in appreciation of their efforts, the Benicia Tree Foundation has created a special patch, just for scouts in Benicia.

Benicia Tree-Keeper Patch

The Benicia Tree-Keeper Patch.

Interested in getting involved with tree planting and maintenance? Then please contact us by clicking here.

The Girl Scouts of Northern California are celebrating their 100th Anniversary, and true to their roots, they are embarking on a council-wide Take Action project to plant trees all over their council. Here is one great example of this action in Benicia:

Girl Scout Troop 20625

Girl Scout Troop #20625 with an assist from a supportive Boy Scout planting one of two Redwoods at Joe Henderson Elmentary School on July 10, 2012.

"Thank you so much for a very educational morning.  Our girls (Allison, Callie, Ella and Maggie) felt really good about planting those trees that they can be proud of for the rest of their lives.  Thank you for caring so much about our community and helping our youngsters and us adults and boy scout too (Chris, Leah, Siretta and Michael)!  We appreciate you and have put the Arbor Day event on October 20th on our calendars! Thanks so much, Chris Heinrich (Asst. Troop Leader, Troop 20625)


Cub Scouts in Community Park

Benicia Tree Foundation held a tree planting in the Community Park on Thursday, October 13th, 2011, with the very motivated Cub Scout Pack 108 taking the lead.

Pack leader Jeff Conner was there with Gretchen Burgess and many other Cub Scout Parents to support and witness the scouts plant a 24” box Strawberry (Arbutus) Tree near the playground area adjacent to the “Giant Slide.” The Benicia Tree Foundation and Pack 108 donated the funds to plant the tree and will be recognized with a permanent plaque at the site. The spot was previously bare and had left parents to supervise their children on the slide without shade from the sun.

For their efforts, the scouts all earned the newly created Tree-Keeper Patch, provided by the Benicia Tree Foundation. Theron Jones, Parks Maintenance Supervisor and Certified Arborist with the City of Benicia, was on hand to teach and guide the boys on the technical aspects of planting a tree.

“The Benicia Tree Foundation is proud to sponsor and support Pack 108 in their efforts to make Benicia a greener place by planting a tree in one of Benicia’s most treasured parks. The participating scouts in Pack #108 earned their Tree-Keeper Badges through hard work and paying close attention to Theron Jones, a Certified Arborist,” remarked Wolfram Alderson.


Southampton Park - Replanting

City Arborist Theron Jones demonstrates his appreciation of the support provided by Girl Scout Troop #20639 to help replant the trees in Southhampton Park that were damaged by vandalism.

The City of Benicia replanted the trees that were lost to an act of vandalism in Southhampton Park that involved 16 Tulip Trees being cut down. Benicia’s Girl Scout Troop #20639 is taking a leadership role in this effort, and will be involved in re-planting the first tree at the same location where the damage occurred. The planting occured Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at 1pm in Southhampton Park. Wolfram Alderson, Executive Director of the Benicia Tree foundation remarks: “The Girl Scouts played a key role in planting 80 trees at Benicia High School. The trees they planted are taller than they are! Now they have set yet another example to all Benicians by showing that regardless of their young age, they have a responsibility to their community and the environment, and that acts of vandalism will not deter them from enacting the law of the Girl Scouts that embraces the idea of ‘making the world a better place.’” Girl Scout Troop leaders Andrea Ward and Sharon Lynch noted that the scouts in their troop were quite concerned when the vandalism occurred and asked what they could do to help. Theron Jones, Parks Maintenance Supervisor, welcomed their offer to assist, and conceded the honor of replanting the first tree to Girl Scout Troop #20639. See the great article in the Benicia Herald by clicking here.


Girl Scouts at Benicia High School

Girl Scouts Helped Plant 80 Trees at Benicia High School on April 23, 2011

Benicia Girl Scouts were present at the first major tree planting of the Benicia Tree Foundation at Benicia High School. Janice Adams, BUSD Superintendent, remarked that “The campus tree planting project involved planting 80 trees in front of the BHS athletic fields, establishing a windrow that protects one third of the campus currently unprotected by trees. The tree planting was designed to provide maximum educational as well as environmental benefits. The tree planting also provides opportunities for engaging students in curriculum that involves issues such as global warming and energy consumption, allowing students and teachers to take action through applied scientific learning methods. The project includes include demonstrations of urban forestry and ecology, and emphasize the impacts of sustainable landscape design.” 

Troop Fruit

Photo above taken at Benicia's Third Annual Arbor Day Celebration held October 15, 2011 in City Park.

Got Fruit?

  • Do you have orange, apple, lemon or other fruit trees?
  • Do you have more than you need?
  • Do you need some help picking your fruit?
  • Do you want to help your community?

Girl Scout Troop #20634 would love to help by picking your fruit and donating it to the Benicia Community Action Council, where it will be distributed to families who will appreciate having fresh produce. Please contact Kasey Flores, Troop Leader, at or (707) 748-7761.

Girl Scout Troop #20304 is also collecting fruit. Contact

Are you involved with the Scouts and like to get involved with a tree planting project? Then please contact us by clicking here. We look forward to working with you to make our community a better place!

The Benicia Tree Foundation features the Tree-Keeper program that engages scouts, students, and community members in tree projects. Interested parties may contact Wolfram Alderson at The BTF focuses on projects in the City of Benicia. We don’t currently have any scheduled projects, but actively seek to partner with local scouts to set up and implement projects in a highly collaborative manner. We are gearing up for a tree planting project at Robert Semple Elementary School. BTF provides resources such as tools, trees, and other materials to support the projects. Scouts and Troops can assist by raising funds for tree projects, directly supporting tree planting and maintenance efforts, and participating in the City of Benicia annual Arbor Day Celebration (October 20, 2012).


For scouts in other communities throughout the Bay Area, here are a few resources:

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There is a tool to locate a local tree organization available on the CA ReLeaf website.