Bonnie Weidel, Poet and Volunteer Advisor to the Benicia Tree Foundation



As leaves on trees, we come and go,

our colors yellow, green or red,

our shapes and sizes

oval, pinnate, round.

We dance on the breeze,

we rustle in the wind,

we shade plants below.


As leaves we bud,

burst forth on limbs,

unruffle into space.

As leaves we hover

through hot summers

and together make a place

in which birds hide.


In autumn

all this service ends

and we let go our hold on life

crisply carpet grasses

or gather in gutters

stomped by boots

burned in bonfires.


Who knows which leaf

was first or last

or in what sequence they became

part of this great canopy

somehow it doesn't matter

as together they salute the day

crowning with great mastery

inborne, inbred,

the complex of

a root, a trunk, a branch, a leaf--

a tree.


Copyright @ Bonnie Weidel  10.31.06 

Bonnie is an Advisor to the Benicia Tree Foundation and has been a creative force for trees and nature in Benicia for decades.